What is KamaSutra?

The KamaSutra is an ancient Indian text, considered by most of people to be the standard work about human sexual behavior written by Vatsyayana Shari. Part of the work is a practical advice on sexual intercourse. It is mostly prose, with many inserted poetry verses. Kama in Hindu means sensual or sexual pleasure and Sutra means a thread or line that holds things together.
Contrary to what people may think, KamaSutra is not an exclusive sex manual. It is more of a guide to a virtuous and gracious living, that debate upon the family life, nature of love, and other issues meant to pleasure the human life. Far from being just a sexual acrobatics, Kama Sutra encodes passion, offers the modern world the vision of free minded sensuality, ensures each individual’s right to sex and demonstrates that sex is a refined art.
Between the first and fourth century, in Benares, the wise Vatsyayana Shari recorded in writing all he could find about the sexual practices of his compatriots, forming a detailed guide to sexual label, called Kama Sutra. His work is a treaty rather than a book to read before bedtime. But it is a bedside book!
Kama Sutra reflects the privileged world in which Vatsyayana lived, a world saturated with indolence, luxury and intrigue. The main goal of wealthy caste of Indian society was seeking pleasure, its obsessions called seduction and sex. The brave Vatsyayana was undoubtedly a man of good sense and humor.
Experiences that transcend time and space in KamaSutra bring happiness and deep fulfillment and it puts a new perspective to the life’s everyday problems. The book describes several types of sexual unions, depending of the size of the two partners, the intensity of desire, the time dedicated to love.

Kama Sutra’s sexual positions

Lovemaking positions are presented in the original photographic sequences and described in Indian miniatures, being inspired from Yoga.
The original KamaSutra book has seven parts, the author dedicating one of them to the sexual positions. The remaining parts are about marriage, about the relationship between man and woman before marriage. Another part includes information about the stimulation and increase sex drive using herbal remedies prescribed by the folk medicine and not least, another part is dedicated specifically to lovers.
KamaSutra deals with topics that have always preoccupied couples. It addresses all ages and speaking with ease, without being vulgar, about the fact that the penis and vagina dimensions are part of sexual harmony, the role of the partners imaginations to achieve sexual pleasure or intensity of desire. The author suggests hug options, kisses and even the exclamation to announce the coming orgasm.

What will you learn using KamaSutra?

Women will learn sexual positions that will allow them to get clitoral and vaginal orgasms, unlimited G-spot stimulation. Men will find positions and techniques to develop strength and sexual continence, to have multiple orgasms and combat premature ejaculation.
KamaSutra treats various aspects, including the fight against monotony in couple or inconsistencies treatment and sexual dysfunction. You can find out what sexual techniques are best suited for your couple. Using KamaSutra positions will help remedy the problems you may have in bed.

KamaSutra and sex

Ancient Hindu tradition recommends that when a man calls a woman in his room, everything is prepared properly, decorated with flowers and perfumed with fragrances. The man asks the woman to sit with him and begin to caress the hair first, then the naked arms, touching her breasts first. KamaSutra says: The man is one who must lead the game. But love is fluctuating report of forces based on attacks and counterattacks. Love is like a battle, so that there are women who take the lead in order to feed the male curiosity or for pleasure. A little bit of violence is also needed, nail sticking the partner’s flesh, love bites are so exciting. Everything is possible but not allowed, so a married woman should not be bitten.
In the positions chapter there are no interdictions. From position nail to lotus with a thousand petals to the famous indirani or cow position, which requires more training, agility or taste for extreme adventures all fantasies are allowed. Male arousal is violent, while woman’s pleasure is complex, impossible to define. In love the woman behavior is contrary to the masculine logic, says KamaSutra.
Ancient India sanctified physical love, transforming it into a way to access the absolute, because sex means satisfying all five senses and the soul. The Treaty demonstrates that sex is a refined art, which should not include anything vulgar or trivial. The total absence of any sense of guilt or carnal shame is probably the most important message we can receive from KamaSutra.
Madness, misery or refractory position toward sex is not the only evil invented by those who would like that sex is synonymous with sin. The sexuality torrent is too strong: those who want it stopped in fact bare the blame. Marquis de Sade wrote: I am convinced that only by vice a man may be able to experience this moral and physical thrill which is the most delicious source of pleasure.