The Amazon Position

January 14th, 2012 | Posted by cosmin in sexual positions


This is one of the tougher woman-on-top sex positions. The man lies down on his back with his feet bend up in the air. The woman sits on top of him, facing her partner and starts to move up and down, while the man is enjoying the wonderful view. Once the penis is inside, she contracts her vagina muscles to keep it inside, avoiding any unwanted withdrawals.

This is a very demanding sex position for the woman, she suppose to have strong feet, but the man can support her for balancing,otherwise she may get tired.

After a while the woman can kneel, the man remaining in the same position. This is a little bit easier for the woman, allowing her to support herself from her partner’s legs

For variety, the woman can place herself on top of her partner but turning the back on him. She will perform the same up and down movements, supporting herself by her partner’s arms or on the back of his thighs. This is not exactly a romantic sex position, but the pleasure and the orgasms are amazing.

The Amazon Position – What’s good about it?

  • Being in control, the woman can choose her rhythm, being able to feel like an amazon, while her partner can receive all she has to give.
  • This position can give both partners great orgasms and is a good exercise for women.
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