Since ancient times, the humanity was preoccupied about the art of making love. The sexual positions are the ones that spice up our love life, making us willing to experiment new things. According to the Kama Sutra, there are 64 types of sexual positions one can try, but we are doing our best in supplementing the Kama Sutra positions with new ones. The sexual positions may vary depending on everyone’s choice like: sexy postures, complex movements, soft and tender making love.
Making love is one of the most important things in the relationship of the couple. The more you try to create a pleasant atmosphere in bed, the better you and your partner will feel.
As you can discover for yourself, there are sexual positions suited for all types of silhouettes: for people with good flexibility and body strength and there are ones for people with certain weight issues. The important thing is to experiment more and to bring a little bit of creativity in bed.

Have fun and enjoy yourselves!

The union of the Bee
If you’re a fan of woman-on-top sexual positions, the union of the bee it’s definitely a position to try. If man like to see his partner’s rear end while performing the up and down moves, if the woman likes to be in control, this sexual position it’s the right one to choose. read more

The union of the Eagle
For the couples who love to kiss, caress and touch each other while making love, the union of the eagle is one of the best sexual position to do that. This is a very romantic, tender union, allowing the two lovers to hold each other tight, say loving words, making the union very intimate. read more

The Union of the Lovers
The  union of the lovers is a great sexual position to try when you and your partner are very excited, want to have sex and there is no bed around. This sex position offers the opportunity of casual sex when you are at the office, in the bathroom or why not … in the elevator. Due to the fact that the lovers are face to face, they can easily kiss, touch, making the sex more pleasurable. read more

Andromache’s Position
This is a great sexual position for both lovers! The Andromache position offers the couple a good deal of pleasure: the man has a perfect view, watching at his partner’s breasts moving up and down while she can perform her best moves, being in total control. read more

The union of the Antelope
The union of the antelope is a rear-entry sex position, allowing the two partners to feel extreme pleasure. The woman can be very stimulated by her partner’s touches. He can easily touch her breasts, clitoris, belly while she can grab his buttocks, being in perfect union. read more

The Balanced position
To perform this sex position requires the two partners to be in perfect balance. It needs a little bit of practice but once you get the hang of it, it will be quite fun. The woman can execute up and down or circular moves, she can stimulate her partner’s testicles with her hand, while he can grab her breasts or touch her clitoris. read more

The Position of the Swing
The position of the swing is another woman on top sexual position, although it’s a little bit difficult to perform by the man, due to the angle of penetration. While executing her moves the woman must support herself by her lover knees. The man can stimulate her buttocks with his hands, helping her to rise up and down. read more

The Bamboo Position
This sexual position is very demanding for the two lovers, but if the woman is flexible it could be a great sex position to try. In this position there a many stimulation factors to consider. The woman can touch her clitoris or grab and stimulate her nipples – this could be very provocative for the man. read more

The Union of the Boa
Using the union of the boa, the two lovers can try a little creativity. There is no much eye contact, the penetration is not deep, but they can fully enjoy each other. The woman can stimulate her own nipples, while her partner can penetrate her and stimulate her clitoris with his fingers. read more

The courtesan position
This sexual position is very stimulating for both lovers. The penetration is great, both of them are comfortable and the sensations obtained are just wonderful. From this position the man can easily pleasure his partner by using a variety of moves, touching her belly, breasts or clitoris. read more

The anvil position
This sexual position is one of the best when the man is trying to dominate. He is in total control, using his skills trying to pleasure his partner. Both of them can have multiple orgasms, being able to stimulate the erogenous parts while making love. read more

The Acrobat Position
The acrobat position is a very sexy one, permitting a lot of skin contact. Even if the two lovers are not facing each other, the closeness and the touching, moving in unison, are great ways to reach the all mighty orgasm. read more

The Amazon Position
The Amazon it’s a great sexual position for women who want to dominate and stay on top. It’s also great for the man who likes to watch the breasts bouncing up and down and his penis penetrating his partner while she is working her magic. read more

The Arch Position
This sexual position is a little tiring for the woman, but the sensations, the view and the pleasure obtained worth all the effort. In order to perform this sexual position the woman must be very flexile – the pleasure increases due to the penetration angle. read more

The Deep Impact Position
The deep impart position is also one of the favorite for the couples in with the man want to lead the game. It’s offering a great deal of pleasure, a deep penetration, the touching and caressing are increasing the pleasure for sure. read more

The Union of the Cow or the Doggy Style Position
This is a classic sexual position, universally appreciated for the excitation and intense sensations it gives to both partners. The man can easily stimulate her buttocks and her clitoris which will lead her to an intense orgasm. read more

The Drill position
The drill position is very similar to the “missionary position” and is great for all the couples who like the closeness and the kissing during sex,  is very intimate, romantic and can be used for the first time you are making love. read more

The Posture of the Scissors
To perform this sexual position the woman must be very flexible. The man has a perfect view, being able to stimulate his partner clitoris, giving her extra pleasure. The penetration is not deep, but the touching and all the sweet talk are very exciting for both partners. read more

The Union of the Crab
This is a great position to try! There is a great body contact, the man has an amazing access to his partner’s neck, breasts and clitoris, stimulating her erogenous parts. Since the woman doesn’t have very much leverage, the motion will be generated mainly by the man. If the movements become too fast or uncontrolled, there is a risk of an unpleasant withdrawal. read more

The Posture of the Spoons
This sexual position is one of the most intimate and sensual positions. The two partners have a great body closeness, allowing them to caress, touch. The man has a perfect position to hold he woman in his arms, touch her breasts, tummy and clitoris, kiss her neck. read more

The Missionary Position
It is the most known and famous sexual position, universally appreciated by both novices and experts. This is the most common first position to try, due to its simplicity. The two lovers have a good body closeness, they can kiss, touch, caress. The penetration angle in very good, both partners being able to reach multiple orgasms. read more

The Union of the Emu
The union of the emu is a combination between the posture of the spoons and the union of the cow. Like all the other standing up positions, this one is full with eroticism. The man can fulfill his domination fantasies, while the woman can fully enjoy the closeness, caresses and neck kisses. read more

The Union of the Oyster
The union of the oyster is a great sexual position to try if the two partners enjoy a deep penetration. Using this position the man can dominate his partner and can stimulate her some more playing with her nipples. He can alternate his moves and the depth of the penetration. read more

The Indra Position
The Indra position is also one of the men favorite sexual positions, allowing them to dominate and to impose their moves. They can play and alternate the up and down motion, giving themselves and their partner extreme pleasure. read more

The Lotus Position
The Lotus position is one of the most romantic ones. The two lovers are facing each other, being able to kiss, hold on tight and touch. It’s great for yoga lovers, because this position might be a little bit challenging but is definitely worth a try. read more

The Union of the Elephant
The union of the elephant is a very intimate and hot sexual position. This is one of the position which allows both rear entry and vaginal penetrations. Using this position the man is in perfect control of his movements, is able caress and kiss his partner’s ears and neck, giving her an extra pleasure. read more

The Union of the Wolf
This sexual position is mostly preferred by men who love to dominate. It’s very exciting and stimulating for both partners, with a maximum amplitude of movement for man. He has a good control of his movements, being able to alternate the rhythm and the depth of the penetration. read more

The Union of the Butterfly
This sexual position is a very sensual and romantic one, the two partners being able to watch each other. The man has a perfect view of his partner’s breasts, their up and down movement. Staying on top, the woman is able to impose the rhythm. read more

The Union of the Magpie
For those that like a lot of kissing during intercourse, the union of the magpie is a very intimate sensual position, with a great face-to-face contact. This gives a good closeness between the two lovers, allowing them to kiss and touch. read more

The Posture of the Pillar
The posture of the pillar is also one of the most sensual, romantic sexual positions, bringing the two lovers very close together, both of them being able to kiss, touch and caress, stimulating their erogenous parts. read more

The Moving Wheel
The moving wheel is a fun, amusing position to try, the two partners being very creative. This sexual position is performed in three steps and the man must rotate very slowly on his partner, using his penis as the axis of rotation. read more

The Union of the Monkey
The union of the monkey is one of the most demanding woman-on-top sexual positions. They require strong leg muscles and body strength for both partners. It is not the easiest position to get into, but it gives the woman a sense of control and power.read more